Familia Daunert

For over 100 years we have dedicated ourselves to distribute machine tools and accessories, from the best brands worldwide.

In 1917 Daunert was founded by
Maximilian Daunert,
of German origin.


Our beginnings go back to a complicated moment in Spain. Surviving in an environment marked by two world wars, the Spanish Civil War and different economic crises, has allowed us to evolve and continue to grow.

We are the most experienced distributor of machine tools in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe.

At Daunert, we offer products of the highest level in innovation, production, quality, precision and reliability.

We believe it is just as important to provide a good product as it is to offer  specialized solutions to  maintenance problems which our clients may have.

detalle máquina-herramienta
detalle máquina-herramienta
SMART MAintenance

We are constantly working on improving our services, highlighting the Smart Maintenance.

Smart Maintenance is the preventive maintenance service we offer to extend the life of your machine tool, in order to prevent serious faults that cause an unexpected machine stoppage.

With the primary goal of offering an answer to all of our customers needs, we put at your disposal the process engineering departments, both to propose and offer you the best options, based on the experiences accumulated throughout our career.

certificado ISO ingles daunert
Our business excellence

At Daunert we have the ISO 9001 certification that guarantees our work and quality.

Our goal is to offer our customers an excellent level of quality both in machinery and in contracted services.

Currently, more than 750 customers rely on us as an integral supplier of their products.

With an import orientation in our origins, we distribute more than 40 brands throughout the country, such as Nakamura-Tome, Star, Hydromat, SW and Shimada, among others.