Do you know which is the most suitable maintenance system for your machine?
The correct functioning of a machine depends on many factors, although one of the most important is the maintenance it receives during the time it is in operation. The maintenance of a mechanism is born as a response to the production, since every tool requires a process of conservation and, if necessary, repair. By meeting this need, the useful life is extended, i.e. the time that a device operates with all the functions for which it was designed. In the world of tool-industry there are different ways of treating a machine and the needs it may have.

One of the first maintenance services in the industry was known as corrective maintenance. Early tools had simple operating systems and there was no need for controlled maintenance beyond cleaning the mechanism and lubricating it. When a machine had a problem, it was corrected and continued to operate. In this way, companies based their maintenance on repairing breakdowns as they arose. This system of maintenance is the one that many companies still use today, as some argue that it is the most cost-effective way of doing things because it does not generate fixed costs.

Later, industry and mechanisms advanced and preventive maintenance was created, which predicts how a machine may fail and corrects it at the right time to ensure the optimal operation and efficiency of the machine. This system consists of periodic inspections of adjustments, cleaning, safety, lubrication, etc., before a machine may need to be repaired. Preventive maintenance provides a better understanding of the machine, its working conditions and the weaknesses it may have that can lead to breakdowns.

Another maintenance service offered to industrial equipment is the predictive system, which is based on a set of actions that are established with the aim of detecting defects or possible breakdowns in the machines. With this system, the problem is detected before it can arise in order to solve it and thus prevent the machinery from having a serious problem. This action means that a machine does not have to stop production unexpectedly or in an unscheduled manner. To achieve this prediction, different maintenance strategies are studied based on the measurement, monitoring or wear of the different elements of a machine in order to anticipate the possible breakdown.

With the aim of explaining what each maintenance service can offer us, Daunert, a company specialized in the distribution of machine tools and accessories of the world’s leading brands for industry, offers different maintenance services that can be applied to each machine.

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