Daunert presents its new proposal of leasing with Star machines (Japan)

Daunert presents its new leasing proposal with Star machines (Japan)
Daunert presents a series of financial solutions to keep the industry moving. Discover the leasing service for CNC sliding headstock lathes to face the current situation and favour the evolution of the sector.

Advantages of the leasing service:

  • No set-up or study fees.
  • Replaces the concept of ownership with that of use, improving balance ratios.
  • Deductible VAT on instalments. Fees are considered a direct expense.
  • Services can be included, all in one instalment.
  • Does not appear in the CIRBE.
  • Discounts on spare parts for this machine during the leasing period. If the customer wishes to purchase the machine after 36 months, he can do so and even finance the residual value.
  • Renting for sliding headstock CNC LATHES
  • SR-20JII Type A and Type B offer optimum cost performance thanks to their innovative configuration, which provides high productivity by significantly reducing downtime.

The unique design of the dovetail sliding guide structure tool comb on inclined bed unique in the world on sliding head machines helps maintain dimensional accuracy while extending cutting tool life and giving high rigidity when machining high strength steels.

The wide range of possibilities offered by the tool upright in counter operation (up to 8 tool positions) makes it possible to greatly reduce the cycle times of the workpieces by being able to perform many operations in overlapping time.