as specialists in the distribution and set-up of machine
tools and its accessories for any type of industry

Daunert focuses its technologies to the market, adapting to different industrial sectors.

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Constant improvements in our machine tools and accessories and in the development of new products.

Daunert’s growth engine is based on constant improvements in our machine tools and accessories and in the development and promotion of new products according to the needs of the market. Always thinking about the evolution and the future, we focus our progress on an efficient and energy saving plan to improve our productivity and profitability. We are committed to develop new products with fast ROIs, where performance becomes the key in our DNA.


Each machine tool and accessory defines the final quality of a machine and its performance.

From our beginnings, we have followed documented processes in which we work with the best management systems, always guaranteeing the productivity of our services and products. In Daunert we adapt to all your needs and if we do not have the part that your work requires, we customize it to meet your needs.

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With over 100 years of experience in the industry, we are specialists in the distribution of machine tools and accessories throughout Spain.

The confidence deposited by our clients, during all this time, has allowed us to evolve in the industry by offering all kinds of integral solutions. Our experience allows us to work with highly specialized technologies. The commitment we have with our clients makes us available whenever you need it.


Soon you will find Daunert in these events


BIEMH (Barakaldo) Spain

Daunert will be in the most ambitious edition in terms of technology, solutions and exhibiting area.

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