Compactors and Briquettes

Efficient waste reduction: Compactors and Briquettes for the sustainable transformation of materials.

At Daunert we are committed to sustainability and efficiency in waste and materials management. Our line of Compactors and Briquettes is an essential solution for the efficient reduction of waste and the transformation of materials into more manageable and lower cost forms. Compactors allow you to reduce the volume of solid waste, such as cardboard, plastic, paper and metal scrap, facilitating its handling and transportation. This not only reduces logistics costs, but also contributes to sustainability by minimizing the environmental footprint.

Briquetting machines transform waste and materials into compacted briquettes, which are easy to store, transport and, in some cases, sell as secondary raw materials. This not only reduces waste but also generates additional revenue. Our high-quality, high-performance machinery is designed to deliver consistent, efficient results, regardless of the type of material you handle. Discover how our Compactors and Briquetting Machines can help your company optimize waste and resource management, while promoting more environmentally friendly practices.

Our Brands of Compactors and Briquettes

marca jvonne


Jvonne is a leading brand in the compactor and briquette market. Its machines are designed to optimize the waste compaction and briquetting process, reducing its volume and weight, making it easier to transport and store. Jvonne compactors and briquettes are of high quality and are made with resistant materials. They are easy to use and maintain, ensuring optimal performance for many years.

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