Transforming metal: deformation, stamping and high precision forging. Molds and advanced machinery for your manufacturing projects.

At Daunert, we are passionate about the transformation of metal through deformation, stamping and forging processes. These methods represent the essence of precision engineering and high-quality component manufacturing. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to perfect each step of these processes, from mold design to the use of advanced machinery.

Warping is the art of precisely shaping metal, tailoring it to the exact specifications of your project. Whether you need complex components or custom parts, our deformation capabilities ensure quality and consistency in every product.

Stamping is the process of creating components by applying controlled pressure to metal. Our high-precision stamping presses and molds ensure the production of consistent, quality parts, regardless of design complexity.

Forging is the key to creating strong and durable components. Our forging expertise ensures that materials are precisely machined and strengthened to withstand the most rigorous demands.

Our Brands of Deformation/Stamping/Forging

marca felss


A Felss é um fabricante líder de máquinas e soluções formadoras de tubos e componentes metálicos. A marca se destaca pelo compromisso com a inovação e precisão na indústria de conformação e usinagem de metais. Suas máquinas avançadas permitem a produção eficiente de componentes complexos e de alta qualidade. A Felss é reconhecida por sua tecnologia de conformação a frio, que oferece resultados superiores em diversas aplicações industriais. A marca é sinônimo de desempenho confiável e excelência na fabricação de peças metálicas.

marca hatebur


Hatebur is a leading manufacturer of high precision hot forging machines and cold forming equipment. The brand is recognized for its commitment to innovation and quality in the metal forging and forming industry. Their advanced solutions enable efficient and precise production of forged and formed parts, making them a preferred choice in the manufacturing of high-quality components. Hatebur is synonymous with reliable performance and exceptional results in metal processing.

marca lasco


Lasco is an industry-leading manufacturer of presses and forging machinery. The brand is known for its commitment to quality and innovation in metal forming through forging processes. Its high-precision presses enable the efficient production of high-quality metal components in a variety of industrial applications. Lasco is synonymous with reliable performance and exceptional results in the manufacture of forged parts.

marca wf


WF builds metal casting machines for flow-formed wheels: steel and aluminum wheels, special wheels, wheels, wheel discs, poles and torsional vibration dampers, flow-formed components, grooves for sealing rings, gas cylinders, airbag cartridges, precision steel tubes, light gear components, components with edge flanges, such as toothed crowns and starter discs, gear parts and hub parts, etc. Furthermore, we have special machines for machining corners and pre-turning rounds or universal machines.

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