Lathes and turning machinery

Lathes and bar turning equipment for the manufacture of superior quality components. Efficiency and excellence in machining.

At Daunert we want to present our selection of Lathes and Turning Machinery, essential equipment in the world of manufacturing precise components. Our high-quality machinery is the cornerstone of numerous industries, from automotive to electronics, and is essential to the creation of superior quality parts.

Our lathes are designed to carry out precision turning operations, allowing the creation of parts with exact dimensions and impeccable surface finishes. The versatility of our turning machines ensures the ability to produce complex components to tight tolerances, which is essential in critical applications.

Turning machinery is essential for the manufacture of small, precise parts, commonly used in electronic and medical devices. Our high-precision turning machines allow the efficient production of delicate and functional components.

Our Brands of Lathes and turning machinery



As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic lathes and precision machining machines, Star stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality. Its advanced solutions are ideal for the efficient production of complex parts in a variety of industries. With a long history of excellence, Star products are synonymous with precision and reliability in high-quality machining.



Ventura is known for its dedication to creating high-precision machining solutions. Its milling machines and machining centers stand out for their quality and versatility, allowing the efficient manufacturing of complex components. With decades of industry experience, Ventura has established a strong legacy of innovation and performance in machining superior quality parts.

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